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Make Japanese whaling a deal breaker

Japan has been resolutely defending its right to whale, in the face of almost universal condemnation.

However, we now have a golden opportunity to exert pressure that Japan simply cannot afford to ignore – economic pressure.

Japan and the EU are currently negotiating a free trade agreement, worth billions of Yen and Euros. The voice of the European Parliament has the power to say ‘no’ to the agreement, if Japan continues to hunt whales. Over the next three months we will be taking the message to Brussels that it is within their power to stop Japanese whaling. But we need your help.

We are working with our partners Care2 to promote this campaign across Europe and to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

Please sign our petition and make your voice heard as the EU Parliament is acting on your behalf. 

We need to leave the EU in no doubt about how strongly its citizens, like you, feel about this issue!

We can’t allow such a new trade agreement between the ‚whale friendly‘ EU and a whaling country like Japan. Japan has been blatant in its drive to continue whaling; practically exempting itself from the International Court of Justice ruling that its whaling is illegal, and declaring it will increase its hunt to 333 minke whales a year for 12 years – that’s the slaughter of 3,996 whales!

Let’s stop the slaughter for good.  Ask the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, to use its power and say ‘no’ to a new trade agreement until the whaling stops.


Slaughtered minke whales
Fin whaling in Iceland

Campaign success – no fin whaling in Iceland this summer.

An end to whale hunting in Iceland took a step closer last week as Kristjan Loftsson, owner of Iceland’s only fin whaling company, Hvalur hf, announced that he will not be sending out hunting vessels to slaughter endangered fin whales this summer.

This is such a fantastic success. Amongst other activities in Iceland, WDC has been campaigning for years against the transport of whale meat across European ports, making it increasingly difficult for Icelandic whalers to ship to Japan.

This demonstrates that campaigning works, we can make a difference and together we will confine whaling to the history books.



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