Tell MercyMe Not to Perform at SeaWorld!


Action Alert

Please ask MercyMe to cancel their performance at SeaWorld!

Dear S. Hanah,
In a desperate attempt to recover its sinking financial ship, SeaWorld Orlando is targeting Christians by putting on a Christian musical festival called Praise Wave.

Despite Christian singers such as Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and Trace Adkins joining dozens of other bands in canceling performances at SeaWorld, MercyMe is set to perform at the abusement park, attracting unknowing Christians who will be supporting a company that forces highly intelligent orcas to perform cruel circus-style tricks in concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of bathtubs.

Tell MercyMe Not to Perform at SeaWorld!

Please ask MercyMe to do the right thing and cancel their performance at SeaWorld—then follow up with them politely on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for taking action.





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