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Die Bänker

Hildegard Lewandowsky

Im alten Park, nicht weit entfernt vom Haupteingang,
stand eine rot lackierte, sehr gepflegte Gartenbank.
Ein Messingschild, gut sichtbar angebracht, verhieß,
daß eine Firma selbige zu jenem Zwecke aufstellen ließ,
an Frühlings-, Sommer-, Herbst- und Wintertagen
zur Entspannung der Bevölkerung nun beizutragen.
Und durch die Nutzung wurde also bald der Name
des edlen Spenders einprägsam auch zur Reklame.

Es wandte sich nunmehr an einem lauen Frühlingstage
ein ält‘rer Herr mit Zeitung unterm Arme, mit der Frage:
„Gestatten Sie, daß ich mich setze? Denn wir alle beide
hätten Platz genug und täten uns wohl nicht zuleide?“
an einen Herren, ebenfalls bereits im vorgerückten Alter.
„Ja, gerne. Bitte nehmen sie doch Platz! Ich heiße Walter!“
„Das ist sehr nett“ sagte der andere,“ ich heiße Günter!
Endlich wird’s wärmer, viel zu lange dauerte der Winter!“

Nun trafen sich die beiden Herren ziemlich oft im Park,
und eine echte Männerfreundschaft, fest und stark,

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Big Pharma, Harvard, and the Recent Mumps Outbreak

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Dear Parents,

Did you know there is an outbreak of mumps in 40+ vaccinated Harvard university students?

Many of you are used to hearing every excuse in the book as to how vaccines do not harm children or why the vaccine „failed.“

But know one thing: money talks.

What you may not know about Harvard faculty is that they are heavily influenced by Big Pharma dollars. How much?

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Monkey Shakes With Fear in Blood-Stained Box — Handler Admits Big Cats Caged 24 Hours a Day—FOR WEEKS!

PPI Investigation

Monkey Shaking With Fear in Blood-Stained Box Shows Why Tests on Animals Need to Stop

At a laboratory supplier funded in part by taxpayer money, monkeys languished with painful head wounds and others were so stressed that they pulled their own hair out. This must stop.

Eyewitness Exposé: Pain, Fear, and Death at Primate Products, Inc.

Dog Trying to Save Friend

WATCH: These Videos Prove That Animals Mourn the Loss of Loved Ones

The dog who tries to revive his friend who was hit by a car is heartbreaking.

These Videos Prove That Animals Mourn the Loss of Loved Ones

Mother with her kitten

Happy Mother’s Day (to the Purrfect Mom)

Moms deserve nothing but the best—and that includes the thousands of mother cats who are suffering in laboratories. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of compassion to the person who may have helped you become the kind person you are today. Your PETA Present gift will help fund PETA’s vital work to prevent cats and other animals from suffering in crude and deadly experiments.

Canada wants to sell seal penises

VIDEO: Canadian Furriers Want to Sell … Baby Seal Penises?!

Much of the world has rejected seal products—now, Canadian furriers are so desperate to create a market for seal products that they want to sell seal penises to stay afloat.

Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Slaughter

Keiko the orca in the wild

Keiko’s Release Into Ocean Is Proof That Captive Orcas Can Live Happy, Free Lives

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Are Orcas at SeaWorld Suffering From PTSD?

Tiger in cage

Handler Admits Big Cats Caged 24 Hours a Day—FOR WEEKS!

UniverSoul Circus has a long history working with notorious animal abusers. The elephants and tigers who are forced to perform need you to help stop this.

Fifi in Laboratory

This Week Is World Week for Animals in Laboratories, and Here’s Why You Should Care

Many tests performed on animals are not even mandatory—they’re performed merely for curiosity.