Tell the San Diego Bowl Game Association That There’s Nothing Sporting About SeaWorld!

Tell the San Diego Bowl Game Association That There’s Nothing Sporting About SeaWorld!

The San Diego Bowl Game Association continues to partner with SeaWorld by promoting the abusement park during its Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl, with advertising on its website, and by hosting team trips to SeaWorld—despite hearing from PETA that 37 orcas have died and that the orcas and other marine animals imprisoned there exhibit abnormal aggressive and repetitive behavior because of their confinement.

Following the release of Blackfish, which exposed the park’s abuse of animals to the public, SeaWorld laid off more than 300 employees, its stock dropped more than 50 percent, and its attendance plummeted. In a little more than a year, six high-ranking executives, including its CEO, have resigned, and the company has admitted to corporate espionage.

Three more whales died in just six months in 2015—all far short of their natural life expectancies—and Tilikum, the orca who was the subject of Blackfish, is reportedly near death.

As a result of the backlash, SeaWorld announced an end to its sordid orca breeding program. While an end to captive orca breeding is a good first step, it’s not enough. SeaWorld continues to confine orcas to tiny concrete tanks and refuses to build coastal sanctuaries where these animals could enjoy some semblance of a natural life.

Please tell the San Diego Bowl Game Association that there is nothing sporting about confining orcas and other marine animals to tiny concrete tanks! Then follow up by calling 619-285-5061 and letting the association know that a good sportsperson would never promote animal abuse.



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