VICTORY! Chimpanzee Rescued From Solitary Confinement!

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Dear S. Hanah,

Things are finally looking up for Joe, who had been denied all that is natural and important to chimpanzees since the day he was born. He was recently moved to a lush sanctuary in Florida called Save the Chimps, where he can finally run, play, climb, relax, and make friends!

Rescued! Chimpanzee’s Solitary Confinement Comes to an End

Joe was first exploited by humans while still a juvenile chimpanzee, when he was used in the entertainment industry. He was then acquired by The Mobile Zoo in Alabama in 1999 and spent the vast majority of nearly two decades in the sleazy roadside zoo alone in a small, barren enclosure.

Thanks to a 2016 lawsuit filed by PETA and over 85,000 supporters who signed an action alert calling for Joe’s retirement, his entire world has changed!

Sadly, Joe’s story is not unique. According to public records, 17 chimpanzees are languishing in small, filthy cages at a notorious former chimpanzee-breeding facility called the Missouri Primate Foundation (MPF). It’s time for these sensitive animals to get the care that they deserve at accredited sanctuaries.

Urge the Missouri Primate Foundation to Retire 17 Chimpanzees to Accredited Sanctuaries!

Please share this alert on Facebook and Twitter so that we can change the lives of these 17 chimpanzees, too!

Thank you for taking action for captive chimpanzees.



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