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Dear Sylvia,

Thank you again from all of us at the Asia For Animals Coalition for continuing to make your voice heard for animals throughout Asia. Together, our voice is louder in tackling some of the region’s most pressing animal welfare issues, calling on those with the power to effect change directly to put animal welfare firmly on the agenda…. And it really does make a difference!


South Korea: Released Dolphin Confirmed to Have
Given Birth in the Wild, Setting a New Precedent

A team of South Korean researchers has announced that an Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin released back into the wild is confirmed to have successfully given birth!

Sampal was among five captive dolphins that had been rehabilitated in sea-pens off Jeju island (South Korea) and released over the last three years, after being illegally captured and sold to the country’s entertainment parks.

The release of the dolphins came after the Supreme Court gave a ruling in March 2013 that ordered Jeju’s Pacific Land theme park to give up four illegally caught dolphins. The four dolphins and ‘Jedol’ from the Seoul Grand Zoo were given the chance to return to the wild after being rehabilitated in sea-pens and regaining their health before the release.

Read more here

More good news followed as Lotteworld Aquarium announced that they “will not be purchasing any more cetaceans” and “will stop researching ways to breed them in captivity”.

This decision by Lotteworld Aquarium is thought to follow the announcement on March 17th by the largest dolphin displaying company in the world – SeaWorld in the US – that it will stop holding performances by killer whales and stop breeding them in captivity.

Find out more about the plight of cetaceans in captivity and what you can do to help

China: Dogs Destined for Slaughterhouses Saved by Local Activists!

Earlier this month, Chinese activists stopped and surrounded a truck carrying hundreds of dogs destined for dog meat markets and slaughterhouses.

All the dogs on board the truck and on another, were saved from going to slaughter and moved into a shelter in Changchun. Altogether 350 dogs were rescued.
The dogs are in a shelter for post-rescue care and veterinary care. AfA Coalition member Humane Society International will follow the situation and provide assistance where needed.

This interception comes just a month before the ‘Yulin festival’ in China is set to take place, where thousands of dogs, many of them stolen pets, are captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions to supply the demand for dog meat at the ‘festival’.
Most Chinese citizens reject this practice, and we’re committed to supporting them in ending the festival in actuality.

Last year, thanks to overwhelming international pressure, Yulin authorities announced that they would not support the festival. The result was a subdued event and fewer dogs slaughtered than the previous two years. More recently, the authorities have claimed that the festival won’t happen this year, but the dog meat traders will continue to stage the event with or without official endorsement.

Please join the hundreds of thousands of other advocates in signing AfA Coalition member Animals Asia’s petition urging the Yulin authorities to intervene and end mass dog slaughter.

Sign the AfA Coalition member Animals Asia’s petition

Cambodia: An Elephant Dies of Exhaustion While Carrying Tourists

On the 26th April, international media  reported the death of an elephant from exhaustion whilst carrying tourists at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, further highlighting the plight of elephants exploited to supply tourist attractions throughout the region.

Please don’t support the suffering of elephants exploited to entertain tourists!

Find out more about elephants exploitation and how you can help


Please Make YOUR Voice Heard to Stop the Export of Irish Greyhounds to Macau’s Canidrome

The Macau Canidrome is China’s only legal dog track and thousands of innocent Australian greyhounds have been sent there to be used and killed since 1963.

Find out more here

Thankfully, since December when Australian airlines refused to fly any more greyhounds to the region, no dogs have been sent to the Canidrome. Until now.
Sadly, six greyhounds have already arrived in Hong Kong from Ireland for transfer to Macau.

Please sign the petition URGENTLY calling on the Irish Prime Minister to stop the export of more greyhounds to the Macau Canidrome

Please Join Us in Our Calls to End the Suffering of Animals at Dehiwala Zoo, Sri Lanka

Please make your voice heard in calling for the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka (Dehiwala Zoo) to take urgent action to safeguard the welfare of the animals, in light of the investigations revealing the wholly unacceptable conditions and abusive treatments of the animals at this facility.

Find out more and to sign the petition

The AfA coalition site is going from strength to strength but we need your help to spread the word even further. Please send this email to your friends, family and colleagues and follow us on Facebook to receive updates on what you can do to help. Click here to follow us on Facebook page

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