Act Now: Fully Conscious Lambs Slaughtered in Argentina


Action Alert

Today, PETA was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, calling on officials to reconsider video evidence that shows that workers plunged knives into the throats of fully conscious lambs and started to skin the animals while they were alive and kicking.

To date, no charges have been filed, and officials claim that these animals are not protected from this cruelty.

Please take a moment to urge officials in Argentina to file appropriate charges against all culpable parties for apparent violations of the country’s animal-protection law, which prohibits inflicting torture or unnecessary suffering on any animal. Remind officials that the law was put in place to protect all animals from such cruelty.

Urge Officials to Charge Workers Who Slaughtered Fully Conscious Lambs in Argentina

Thanks for everything that you do to help sheep and all animals!


Danielle Katz
Associate Director of Campaigns
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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