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Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Julia Thoms

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News from the world of whales and dolphins

Hi  and welcome to your September e-News from WDC, Whale & Dolphin Conservation. It’s a busy time here (when isn’t it?) as our teams get ready to fight for whales and dolphins at two international meetings. There’s more on that below, as well as some news to make you smile!

On Saturday, our experts will be in Johannesburg at the meeting of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species – the place where decisions are made about which species can be bought and sold. We have a clear mission – we hope to help stop the illegal trade in bottlenose dolphins of the Black Sea. Find out more in the first story below.

Meanwhile, our Stop Whaling team are preparing for the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia next month. We are going with a very important goal – to bring an end to Japan’s so-called ’scientific whaling‘. I’ll bring you more on that in next month’s e-News.

As we approach pay day, if you have just a couple of pounds, euros or dollars to spare, please consider sponsoring WDC super-supporter Eloisia Wild and her Herculean efforts to keep dolphins wild and free. ,if you and everyone who receives this email gives just £5, it would help pay for our efforts to keep bottlenose dolphins wild and free in the Black Sea.

Thank you for your continued support – the dolphins are lucky to have you on their side!

WDC at ABTA head office

How DNA can help save dolphins

In a few days our experts will meet world leaders to try to save a group of dolphins from extinction. We hope to persuade governments to vote for a brilliant idea that could end the illegal trade in bottlenose dolphins stolen from the Black Sea.

Risso's dolphins wild and free

Japanese hunt begins

The annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan has begun with fifteen Risso’s dolphins killed. This slaughter is fuelled by the captivity industry. I’ll bring you more on how you can get involved next month.

Chunsam and her baby

Baby for released dolphin

An ex-captive dolphin named Chunsam has been spotted with a calf. She proves that release programmes can succeed and that some captive dolphins can thrive back in the wild.

Watch WDC on BBC iPlayer

If you live in the UK, you can watch WDC in action on Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart on BBC iPlayer. Go to 48 minutes to see WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre staff and volunteers at work and enjoy some spectacular footage of the Moray Firth dolphins.

Eloisia Wild at the start line

Read all about Eloisia Wild’s solo ride in the Outer Hebrides – a truly wild experience! It was a fight against the wind, rain and midges as she spent a week on the bike to help WDC end captivity. Please sponsor her efforts if you can spare a small amount.

20% discount on new sweats

Our clothing partners TWOTHIRDS are offering a 20% pre-order discount on their new whale sweatshirts.  These beautiful sweats are made from organic or recycled materials.  For each product sold featuring a large whale, they donate 1€ to WDC.

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