Movement to Free World’s Saddest Orca, Corky, Is Growing



Free Corky from SeaWorld

Watch: Corky Is Still Alive, and There’s Still a Chance to Get Her Home to Her Family

If released to a sanctuary off the coast of British Columbia, Corky could actually have an opportunity to communicate with her own biological siblings, feel the ocean currents, and dive deep into the water—none of which she can do in her tiny concrete tank at SeaWorld.

Abducted From Her Family: Corky’s Story Will Break Your Heart

Larry the Dog

Dog Rescued From Neglect Gets Makeover and Loving ‚Forever‘ Home

Once forgotten in a backyard, he is now the center of attention and is stealing everyone’s heart.

Video: Rescued Dog Shares His Story in Note Card Confession

Dogs used for Experiments

Thousands of Dogs in Laboratories Need You Now

More than 61,000 dogs suffered in U.S. laboratories last year—many of them were cut up, killed, and dissected. Support PETA’s work to free animals from laboratories by October 31, and have your gift doubled through PETA’s Animals Out (of the Labs) Challenge, up to our goal of $500,000.;jsessionid=7F5326B108E20E90F37CE2AEAA153E29.app30102a

Sheep Used for their wool

15 Things That Could Happen to You If You Were a Sheep

Once you see a glimpse of what life is like for a sheep exploited by the wool industry, you’ll find yourself an instant advocate for these gentle animals.

15 Things That Could Happen If You Were a Sheep


What Made a ‚Jackass‘ Star Change His Life?

Jackass star Steve-O shares how going vegan and getting involved with animal rights has changed his life for the better. If you’re ready to join him and make the switch, order one of PETA’s free vegan starter kits today.

Mice in Lab

This University Left Unwanted Baby Animals to Die

Dead animals at Tel Aviv University were reportedly left inside cages with live ones, and the cages contained so much dirt and waste that they were teeming with maggots, flies, and other insects.

Tell Tel Aviv University to Stop Mistreating Animals in Its Labs


Victory: Retailer The Kooples Decides Never to Use Fur in Its Collections Again

Thanks to all the dedicated people who sent thousands of e-mails, phone calls, and social media messages to the company, countless animals will be spared a horrific life on a fur farm. Read the great news, and then tell three other retailers to follow suit.

VICTORY: The Kooples Breaks Up With Fur!

Urgent Action Needed

bullet Help Stop Goats From Being Cruelly Slaughtered in Mexico
bullet Bear Necessities: Tell the USDA to Ban Bear Pits Now
bullet Ask the Oklahoma City Zoo to Close Its Elephant Exhibit
bullet Tell AirBridgeCargo Airlines to Adopt a Ban on Transporting Monkeys for Experimentation

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