Newsletter Monsanto Tribunal – Help us to make the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hagues

Dear Monsanto Tribunal Supporter,
In less than one month, 30 witnesses and legal experts, from five continents, will testify in The Hague before five international judges. These witnesses will tell the judges, and the world, how Monsanto has ruined their health, their communities, their livelihoods.
This historic citizens’ tribunal will shine an international spotlight on Monsanto’s poisonous products and on the crimes this company has committed against human health and the environment.
We need to raise $75,000 over the next two weeks to cover the costs of this historic event. Can you make a donation today? Click here to donate by credit card or by paypal.
Many of you have asked about the pending buyout of Monsanto by Bayer, and how this will affect the Monsanto Tribunal. Will the tribunal still happen? Will the name change? Will all the work and planning of the last year be wasted?
Here’s the good news. Bayer’s proposed buyout of Monsanto will have no negative impact on the Monsanto Tribunal.
Here’s why. First of all, the buyout will be challenged. And even if it’s approved, it won’t be final until well into 2017. More important, when the tribunal judges issue their final advisory opinions (about a month after the tribunal concludes on October 16), those legal opinions will apply to all agribusiness corporations (including Bayer)—not just Monsanto.
Monsanto’s (and Bayer’s) crimes against human health and the environment, on a global scale, are well-documented. And yet, with great arrogance, calculated planning, and riches acquired at the expense of human suffering and irreparable harm to the environment, Monsanto carries on with business as usual—even as it looks to merge with yet another corporate criminal, Bayer.
Citizens’ tribunals have a long history of drawing widespread attention to corporate corruption, and of ultimately leading to criminal trials. Like you, we want the Monsanto Tribunal to push courts in countries all over the world to hold Monsanto accountable for its crimes.


In order to have the greatest impact, we still have a lot of work to do to finish organizing the Tribunal and People’s Assembly, and to promote the Tribunal to the public and especially to the international media.
We need your help to make this a success.
Please help us raise $75,000 over the next two weeks to cover the costs of this historic event. Click here to donate by credit card or by paypal.
Thank you.
In Solidarity,
Tjerk Dalhuisen, on behalf on the organizing committee.
P.S. The Monsanto Tribunal is a grassroots citizens’ initiative, funded by people like you. No donation is too small. Please make a contribution today. Thank you!



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