Thousands of Goats Killed at Family Event?!



Goats Slaughtered in Mexico La Matanza: matar y salar | Carlos PC | CC BY 3.0

5,000 to 7,000 Goats Set to Be Slaughtered During Annual Event in Mexico

You’ve urged officials to ban this horrific annual event in which thousands of goats experience a slow, agonizing death as children and families look on. Now, share the alert with others so that they can act before it’s too late.

Happy Rabbit

Everyone Needs to Hear About the Netherlands‘ Historic Move for Animals

The Dutch government wants to end all experiments on animals by 2025, and PETA is helping.


Every Dollar Doubles to Help Animals in Labs

Right now, dogs, cats, monkeys, and other animals are suffering in laboratories. Make a gift to help them and double your impact!;jsessionid=FCA97EECF68B5CB160FFD54B66D4E2AF.app30103a

Martha the Beluga

Beluga Trapped at SeaWorld Has Lost All Five of Her Calves

Martha’s heartbreaking story is showing people why no one should ever go to SeaWorld.

Beluga Trapped at SeaWorld Has Lost All Five of Her Calves

Vegan Starter Kit

We Have a Free Vegan Starter Kit Waiting for You

Change your life starting today.

Order Your FREE Vegan Starter Kit!

Elephant in Nepal

You Took Action, and They Listened: Two Companies Will Phase Out Elephant Rides

Baby elephants in the tourism industry are often separated from their mothers, tied down, beaten, and gouged with bullhooks. The training sessions can last for days. But this abusive industry will end if there’s no demand for elephant rides. Please encourage your friends to join you in taking action!

Cruelty-free Companies

15 Popular Cruelty-Free Brands You Already Love

These compassionate companies are some of the leading go-to brands for cruelty-free products.

15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies

Cat gets caught in plastic rings

Gut-Wrenching Photos of Injured Kitten Show Why We Should Never Litter

Every day, we have the opportunity to help keep wildlife and other animals safe. Do your part by picking up litter outside, and learn some other easy tips so that this doesn’t happen to kittens or other animals outdoors.

Gut-Wrenching Photos of Injured Kitten Show How Littering Hurts ALL Animals

Frog Outside

With Your Help, We Can Give All Students the Right to Say NO to Dissection

Most school districts already agree that cutting animals open is not necessary in the biology classroom. Let’s make sure that all students have the option to say no to dissection and then take action to end cat dissection at Santa Monica College.

Progress! Most U.S. Students Can Opt Out of Dissection


Experts Reveal Zoo’s Video of ‚Cured‘ Tiger Cub Actually Shows Two Different Tigers

PETA has filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services—which could lead to a third-degree felony charge against Dade City’s Wild Things.

Zoo’s Video of ‘Cured’ Tiger Cub Is Actually Two Different Tigers


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