Breaking Video: Cows Strung Up and Stabbed at Kosher Slaughterhouses

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Many cows like this one remained alive and fully conscious as a worker cut open their skin and drove a spike called a “puntilla” into their spines to paralyze them before other workers started to dismember them.
Dear Sylvia,

PETA’s latest breaking eyewitness investigation found that slaughterhouses in Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay are still using horrific „shackle and hoist“ methods. And despite claims by Israeli authorities that they would phase out „shackle and hoist“ slaughter, up to 80 percent of the kosher meat imported into Israel is still coming from slaughterhouses that use this archaic and agonizing method.

As you can see in this shocking video footage, PETA and Anonymous for Animal Rights (Israel) documented that cows were electrically prodded into a squeeze box, where chains were placed on their legs before the floor dropped out, dumping them onto the kill floor. The terrified cows were painfully restrained using a nose hook and a sharp trident-like tool called a „devil’s fork.“ After their throats were cut, they were hoisted up in the air by one leg and moved down the processing line, where workers drove „puntilla“ spikes into their spines. Some remained alive and conscious for several minutes during this process.

Please take a moment to send an urgent letter to Israeli authorities asking them to ban imports from slaughterhouses that use the „shackle and hoist“ method.

Together, we can make a difference for suffering animals—and help prevent countless more from being painfully restrained, strung up by one leg, and cut and stabbed while still conscious. All you have to do is take action today.

‘Shackle and Hoist’ Horror – The Hidden Cost of Cheap Kosher Beef

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Daphna Nachminovitch
Senior Vice President
Cruelty Investigations Department

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