Terrified Bulls Chased, Their Tails Violently Torn Off!



Terrified Bulls Being Chased

Bulls in Brazil Are in Trouble—Lobbyists Pushing to Overturn Ban on Cruel Rodeos

Lobbyists are working hard to reverse the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil’s decision to ban vaquejada, an event in which bulls are violently yanked by their tails (which are sometimes torn off) and thrown to the ground on their backs—often causing fatal injuries.

Urge Brazilian Officials to Uphold Ban on Cruel Rodeos!


Victory: Gap Inc.’s INTERMIX Is Fur-Free! Ask Other Retailers to Join the Revolution

The world’s three largest clothing retailers—Gap Inc., H&M, and Inditex (which owns Zara)—are now completely fur-free. Thank you to everyone who took action to help achieve this victory, and let’s now ask fashion retailer Simons to follow suit.

Urge Fashion Retailer Simons to Halt Fur and Angora Sales

Cold Dog

Help Cold Dogs This Winter

By becoming an „Angels for Animals“ doghouse sponsor right now, you can help ensure that a neglected „outdoor dog“ gets shelter from freezing rain and snow this winter.


Shackle and Hoist

‚Shackle and Hoist‘ Horror: The Hidden Cost of Cheap Kosher Beef

Now that you’ve contacted Israeli officials, share PETA’s video exposé of „shackle and hoist“ slaughter so that others can speak up for cows mutilated and killed for kosher beef.


Lily the Bear

Lily the Bear Rescued After Spending Decade in Cramped, Feces-Ridden Cage

Lily is now the 57th bear rescued by PETA from squalid roadside zoos in just four years. Watch as she takes her first steps into her new life!

Bear Goes From Corn Crib to Colorado Countryside

Live Plucking

Retailer Volcom Sells Down, Even Though Farms Often Live-Pluck and Force-Feed Birds

Birds who are not plucked alive for down spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions on factory farms before their throats are slit. Why is Volcom still supporting this cruelty by selling down products?

Urge Volcom to Ditch Down!

Tofucken Video

PETA’s Viral Tofucken Video Is Taking Thanksgiving by Storm

This granny has a truth bomb (and an F-bomb or two) to drop about the meat industry, and people can’t get enough.

PETA’s Viral Tofucken Video Is Taking Thanksgiving by Storm

Iris Thinking

How to Tell if a Place Is a REAL Animal Sanctuary

Many roadside zoos and private exhibitors mislead visitors by calling their parks „sanctuaries“ or „rescues.“ Don’t fall into these tourist traps.

How to Tell if a Place Is a REAL Animal Sanctuary


Hunter Gored by the Elk He Had Just Killed

News of a hunter who was impaled by a dead elk’s antlers may make you believe in karma.


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