Breaking: Octopuses and other animals hacked apart, served alive at American restaurants–take action!

Breaking News
This octopus was alive when her limbs were cut off and served to diners.
Dear Sylvia,

PETA’s latest breaking eyewitness investigation found that the limbs of live octopuses are being crudely chopped off with kitchen knives and the tails of shrimps and lobsters torn off and served next to their flailing heads—all for the sake of diners‘ entertainment.

As you can see in this shocking video, PETA captured footage of one octopus—nicknamed „Pearl“ by an observer—as she was pinned down and her tentacles were cut off. The writhing tentacles were served to restaurant-goers as a dish called „sannakji,“ but Pearl’s horror was far from over. Terrified and trying desperately to escape, she was pushed aside until her remaining limbs were ordered. After every last arm and leg were hacked off, kitchen staff would then rip out her intestinal contents and leave her to die.

Live-Animal Eating Exposed: Octopuses and Other Animals Butchered, Mutilated, and Served Alive for Entertainment

Speak up for animals who are served to diners while still alive.


Please sign your name to the growing list of people who want legislators in California and New York to ban live-animal eating. Together, we can prevent countless animals from being mutilated and served alive. All you have to do is take action today.

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Danielle Katz
Associate Director

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