Urge Outdoor Retailer Kathmandu to Ditch Down!


Action Alert

Dear Sylvia,

Feathers ripped out while the birds are still alive … cries of terror … open, bloody wounds … feet and wings bound tightly together … throats cut … bodies dumped into scalding-hot defeathering tanks and tossed into crates and ponds to decay.

This is the cruelty that birds endure to produce down jackets like those found in Kathmandu’s outerwear collection.

A recent PETA investigation revealed that major down suppliers certified by the so-called „Responsible Down Standard“ lie about not engaging in „live plucking“—or ripping live birds‘ feathers out—because they have a vested interest in promoting their products and protecting their businesses.

With all the compassionate and environmentally friendly down alternatives available today, please urge Kathmandu to follow suit and leave items produced by abusing animals out of its stores.

Urge Kathmandu to Ditch Down!

Thank you for your compassion for animals.




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