December 9th, 2016 Message from Grandma Chandra



Hello Soul Family!
On the weekend of November 11, 2016 two Canadians came to Bisbee to show us some advanced technologies.
These technologies are being used to help raise Planetary Consciousness. The larger device is so powerful it has the ability to change the energies and frequencies of an entire country. While they were here we connected 3 of these devices forming a triangle whose points were situated in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Toronto, Ontario Canada and Bisbee, Arizona USA.
The intention of the triangle was to help raised the Consciousness of the United States and Canada and all who inhabit these countries. The triangle was also successful in preventing an event known as the 15 days of darkness which was predicted to take place on planet earth from November 15 – 30th, 2016.  Click here to learn more about this event.
I love you All,

Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat 

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