Avon, It’s Nearly 2017–Stop Paying for Archaic Tests on Animals



Rabbit Used for Tests

Avon Pays for Tests on Animals so That Its Products Can Be Sold in China

Let Avon know that you won’t buy its products until it stops paying for tests on animals.


Pan of Quinoa

Why Going Vegan Is the Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

What do you have your sights set on in the new year? A healthier lifestyle, more travel, or maybe a new wardrobe? Find out how going vegan is the resolution that will help you achieve all your goals.


Cold Dog

Will You Be an ‚Angel‘ for a Lonely Dog in Need?

It’s hard to understand how anyone could force a dog to live outdoors in torrential rain, driving snowstorms, and freezing temperatures, but PETA fieldworkers encounter these dogs nearly every day. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to help them, and your „Angels for Animals“ sponsorship gift will provide the resources that we need.


Andy Serkis

‚Planet of the Apes‘ Star Shares the Heartbreaking Story of Captive Endangered Ape Louie

„He’s now kept in a cage, completely isolated, unable to socialize, living a very lonely and miserable existence, and it just broke my heart.“
—Andy Serkis


'Fixed' Pit Bull

More Than 1,300 Pit Bulls Have Reason to Celebrate This Year



Order VSK for a Friend

Make 2017 a Kind and Healthy New Year by Giving a Free Vegan Starter Kit to a Friend

Why not have a friend join you in going vegan in 2017? PETA’s free vegan starter kit will show him or her what to buy, what to make, and how easy it is to stick with it.


Dogs in Labs

NIH Funding Shocking Muscular-Wasting Experiments on Dogs

For more than 30 years, experimenter Joe Kornegay has been breeding dogs to develop muscular dystrophy. By 6 weeks of age, some of these puppies have difficulty even opening their mouths.


PETA iPhone App

PETA’s Life-Changing iPhone App Makes Saving Animals Practically Effortless

What gives you the easiest way to e-mail animal abusers and be a part of PETA’s winning campaigns and is also the single greatest tool in the history of animal rights?—PETA’s iPhone/iPad app.


Infected Rabbit Used for Angora Industry

Global Retailer TJX Is Still Selling Angora and Fur in Stores Across North America

TJX knows that every three months, angora rabbits are dragged out of tiny, filthy cages and that their fur is violently torn out as they scream in pain. Yet, the company still sells angora in its stores such as T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods and even sells fur in Marshalls and its other stores in Canada.


Orca at SeaWorld-MF

E-Mail Officials to Keep Captive Animals Out of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld is expanding its failing business around the world—help save animals from a miserable life in captivity.



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