Tiger in Cage

Mike VI Is Dead: LSU Needs to Stop Exploiting Tigers

When Louisiana State University’s tiger mascot was diagnosed with terminal cancer, PETA urged the school to ensure that he would be the last tiger to endure a lifetime of exploitation and confinement at the university. Let’s renew the call for the school to do right by tigers.

A Woman's yearlong Vegan Journey

WATCH: Why This Woman Had a Change of Heart

Follow a young woman’s yearlong journey as she discovers a new sense of compassion for animals.

Workplace Giving

Your Generosity Can Go Even Further

Did you know that, on average, one in 10 companies matches employee donations? Workplace donations are very easy to make and can help PETA do even more for animals.

Crocodiles Cut Open for Bags

Crocodiles Cut Open, Skinned in Vietnam for Leather Bags

PETA’s video exposé reveals the suffering and agonizing deaths of crocodiles in Vietnam to make „luxury“ leather bags. Some of these farms have supplied skins to the company that owns Louis Vuitton.

Laura Vandervoort

Actor Laura Vandervoort Can’t Stop Shaking After Being Locked Inside Freezer

Laura gets a small taste of what it’s like to be a dog chained outside in freezing temperatures. For her, the painful experience is over—but for many dogs left outside, this is their life 24/7.


It’s a Happy New Year for Animals in Croatia

The year has just begun, but we’ve already got something to celebrate: Croatia’s complete ban on fur farming has gone into effect. Read the news, then take action for animals killed for their fur in other countries.

Rabbit in Lab

Avon, We Won’t Buy Your Products Until You Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals

You let Avon know that you won’t buy while animals die. Share the alert now in order to encourage others to speak up for animals tormented in laboratories just so that Avon can sell its products in China.

Vegan Meal Plans

Attention: PETA Is Giving Away Free Vegan Meal Plans

Jump-start your healthy, compassionate lifestyle in the new year for free with this.

Connor the Chimpanzee

Tell American Greetings to Pull All Chimpanzee Cards From Shelves

American Greetings has agreed to stop selling cards featuring the chimpanzee Connor. Yet despite knowing that these products hinder efforts to protect endangered apes, the company plans to continue selling cards that feature other chimpanzees.

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