Gr. Chandra’s Galactic Gazette for December 2016


Grandma Driving the Intergalactic Spaceship

Hello Soul Family!
Happy New Year 2017! Mom and I rang in the New Year with a party at our house. We had such a great time celebrating at 12:00 midnight with noisemakers and lots of good cheer. We look forward to starting all of our new projects in this „one“ year.
Our dear friend Maggie, owner of The Gardens at Mile High Ranch Bed and Breakfast hosted Christmas dinner. Chief Golden Light Eagle and his group came to Bisbee to see me and Maggie gifted them a suite. There were about 12 of us at Maggies and we had a really incredible time. We are so happy in Bisbee, where we have already made many friends. Click here to see Maggie’s bed and breakfast.

After Christmas, we met with the Chief and his people. He did a lot of drumming and chanting of prayers for me and we planned some Utah and California presentations in the late spring/summer. Stay tuned for more details. Mom says, „On the road again…..“
Only in Bisbee

We received the Quantum Sound Therapy (QST) machine called the Tesla on Christmas Eve! What a fabulous Christmas present for all of us! The QST is the consciousness changing machine we mentioned in last month’s Gazette. There were four people working with the machine at our home.  A lot has been brought up in each person to process and release. Mom has had some extraordinary out of body experiences with the Tesla. We are still adjusting to it. The first week on the machine we laughed, cried and had all sorts of issues and emotions come up to be cleared. 

Bisbee at its Finest!

We are also expecting my live cell blood microscope and aura camera to arrive next week. I will work with local people at no charge to learn more about how the equipment works and how it can be maximized for healing and raising consciousness, both of which are very close to my heart.

We are currently hosting a wonderful mother daughter team who are clients and friends from the past. Paula the mother and Mom have similar parenting styles and they get along famously. Paula is a feeler and „gets“ me telepathically. Alana and I have hit it off too. They are incredible organizers and have picked up where Terri left off. Our house is really getting super organized thanks to Terri, Paula and Alana.

Mom is starting up her own healing practice again that she stopped when she got married. She is designing her own business card for the first time in years! Mom is back to using her mind to heal thru her hands. We will show you the card in an upcoming Gazette. It’s really lovely. 
Mom, Paula and Alana are going to make the enclosed back patio her healing room. She is very excited and plans to do Lymphatic Cleansing, Light Therapy, Body Detox, and some of what we call „Gma’s Magic Water“.

We send our Thanks to each one of you for being part of our family. We love you and hope the New Year brings a lot of joy, health, wealth and success to you and yours.

4 TBS organic olive oil
2 green onions trimmed and diced
1 clove garlic minced
1 small Roma tomato chopped coarsely
1 jalapeno pepper chopped finely (for the faint of heart, a small green bell pepper will do)
One half inch piece of fresh ginger root peeled and finely grated
4 cage free or organic eggs
A handful of cilantro leaves only
Saute the first 5 ingredients in olive oil until soft. Beat the eggs and pour into the pan. Mix in the cilantro leaves. Cook until eggs are set to your liking. Serve with a salad and bread or rice and cooked veggies (that will be the next recipe!)


Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.

Hugs and Love to all of you,

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