Tell Venues That UniverSoul Circus Needs to Drop Its Cruel Animal Acts!

elephants at UniverSoul circus

Despite learning about UniverSoul Circus‘ long history of working with notorious animal exhibitors, some venues are still moving forward with plans to host the cruel circus, and we need your help to show them that the public doesn’t support circuses that use animals.

UniverSoul has worked for years with disgraced animal exploiters who have lengthy records of animal-welfare violations. A February inspection of the circus by Fulton County Animal Services in Georgia revealed many potentially serious issues, including the following:

  • Elephants Betty and Bo, exhibited by Larry Carden, had been given minimal hay, had no water, and were made to stand on concrete, despite having bruised feet.
  • During a performance, an officer noticed a „wet spot“ on Bo’s left hind ankle, which appeared to be masked by a gray powdered blood coagulant called „Wonder Dust.“ PETA obtained video footage of the inflamed, pink wound, and an expert suggested that it was potentially an abscess, a puncture, or a wound from a sharp, steel-tipped weapon called a bullhook.
  • One camel, named Larry, had a swollen ankle that needed to be drained and treated, and another, named Emmet, had a 3-inch-long laceration on his leg.
  • Several horses had chipped, cracked hooves that were „in bad shape.“
  • A zebra had a wound on the nose. Zebras have escaped from UniverSoul twice in recent years and run amok through the streets.

Universoul Elephant
A trainer hired by the UniverSoul Circus brandishes a bullhook.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus recently announced that it’s closing in May, citing the public’s changing attitude toward animal circuses. There’s no better time for venues to give audiences what they want by saying no to cruel animal acts. UniverSoul is phenomenal without animals—its human acts are among the best—and cruel animal acts only drag the show down. Please ask venues still planning to host this cruel circus to consider these facts carefully and at least require that scheduled performances go forward without animals.


  • Aviator Sports Event Center
  • Southern Queens Park Association

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