Amber Rudd’s Magic Money Tree: exposing the truth

 If Amber Rudd’s lie on national television this week proved anything, it’s that politicians are clueless about where money comes from. “There is no ‘magic’ money tree,” she said. But our brand new video proves her wrong. Please will you watch and share the video now so together we can expose the truth?

You told us what Positive Money should do this election: “Make catchy videos, and spread them round the internet together” was the number one action as voted by Positive Money supporters in our survey. So now we’re making it happen, at exactly the right time.

A politician has said something untrue, sparking lots of people to talk about where money comes from. We can prove she’s wrong. And now we’re spreading our video across the internet, at a time when politicians are particularly sensitive to what voters think!

Please will you help us reach thousands of voters and watch then share this video now? It lasts 1 minute:

Far too often politicians are free to tell lies on TV. But this time we’re challenging Amber Rudd. Because this is a golden opportunity to set the record straight.

And our message for voters and politicians is clear: there is a money tree, called the Bank of England. With the power to make new money and spend it on things society needs: like affordable homes and green energy. And politicians have the power to make it happen.

The end of the video calls on people to contact their MP candidates now, and ask how they’ll use the so-called money tree to rebalance our economy. So Sylvia, please watch and share our video now so together we can reach voters and politicians with the truth.
Thanks for all you do,

Rachel, Fran and the rest of the Positive Money team

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