AdVans following Corbyn and May?
You and I have two things in common: we know that at the heart of our unbalanced economy is our unfair money and banking system. And we’re frustrated that more people don’t know this.

But this week we’ve got an opportunity to get our message to thousands and thousands more people – and particularly two politicians with the most power to change things.

We’ve booked two AdVans to drive around Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May’s constituencies this Wednesday, on their final day of campaigning. This will make sure they, their teams and their voters see our message. Check the vans out!

picture of advan [1]http://act.positivemoney.org/page/content/ad-van-fundraiser-landing/


But we can’t confirm them until we raise £3000 to cover the cost. If each person reading this chipped in just a few pounds, we could get the vans ready to go now. Sylvia, please will you chip in so Positive Money can book the AdVans and get our message to the people that matter most this election?


Positive Money supporters have always stood up for a fair economy. And for the last 9 months we’ve been calling on the government and Bank of England to scrap their unfair policies. In fact, Theresa May has already admitted monetary policy is causing inequality and she wants it to change. And Jeremy Corbyn’s whole campaign is based on “for the many not the few”.

But now they need to know that thousands of us will be holding them to their promises. And they should start by pushing for a policy to put newly-created money straight into the real economy – like our image shows.

So, please will you help get the Positive Money message to Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and all their voters – and chip in for the AdVans now?  


We know that if we fixed our broken money and banking system we could create thousands of secure jobs in green energy, build affordable homes for everyone who needs them, and bring down the huge inequality that’s breaking our society. But one of our main challenges together is to get our message out. Clear, loud and to the right people.

These vans will help us reach thousands who need to hear it. And we’ve got a group of Positive Money supporters ready to unveil the vans to the local media too!  

So please will you chip in the same amount as a cup of coffee now? 


Thanks for all you do,

​Rachel, Fran and the rest of the Positive Money team​

[1] Here’s a bigger version of the image that will be on the van:
seesaw of unbalanced economyhttp://act.positivemoney.org/page/content/ad-van-fundraiser-landing/


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