VIDEO: This Zoo Tortures Baby Elephants

At the zoo, baby elephants are regularly taken from their enclosure to a nearby facility, where trainers torture them repeatedly with bullhooks—sharp metal weapons resembling a fireplace poker—in order to prepare them for circus-like shows that attract visitors.

Their helpless mothers cannot protect them, and if they try, they’re tortured with the bullhook themselves. 🙁 This all happens out of public view so that the paying visitors don’t see it.

Whenever the baby elephants don’t perform circus tricks like sitting, turning, or standing on their hind legs, zookeepers gouge the animals’ sensitive skin. Although their skin appears tough, in reality, it’s so delicate that they can feel the pain of an insect bite, just like we do.

This abuse is the rule, not an exception. The elephant keepers always carry bullhooks and use them to beat, push, or threaten the elephants.

You can help elephants! Just share this video on Facebook or Twitter—and urge everyone you know never to visit a roadside zoo or circus again. Submit a screenshot of your share for 1,000 points.


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