A birthday wish for freedom

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Gaspar Matalaev documents the forced mobilization of workers for the annual cotton harvest. Photo courtesy of Alternative Turkmenistan News (ATN).

Today is human rights defender Gaspar Matalaev’s 35th birthday. Unfortunately, it will not be a happy one. After more than eight months of demanding for him to be released, Gaspar remains imprisoned for his work documenting state-run forced and child labor in Turkmenistan’s annual cotton harvest.

Help us grant Gaspar’s wish for freedom on his birthday! Here’s how:

  1. Join our social media campaign using the hashtag #FreeGaspar! You can write your own, but here are some share links on Twitter and Facebook to get you started.
  2. Send a birthday card to a Turkmen embassy! Our action page makes it easy.
  3. Sign a petition demanding Gaspar’s freedom, if you didn’t get a chance when we first released it in April. If you’ve already signed it, pass the link on to friends! We will collect signatures on a rolling basis, delivering it to the Turkmen government at every opportunity until Gaspar is released.

The Turkmen government as a traditional day of amnesty at the end of the Ramadan holy season, around June 24. We are asking the Turkmen government to include Gaspar among those who are released. Please help us build pressure NOW to push for Gaspar to be freed sooner rather than later.

Thank you for all you do,
Abby McGill
Campaigns Director

This email was sent by the International Labor Rights Forum.
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