More Trees… Better Life!…

Der Mensch - das faszinierende Wesen

Long live the Trees
of Truth and Trust!

Long live the forests
with their canopies of green…
which provide us with
life-giving oxygen,
and which labor
silently but saliently…
peacefully and purposefully…
with nature’s innate, diligent care and love
to keep our air
pure and clean.
Long live the forests
with their stands
of tall, mighty, and majestic trees…
many resembling pillars of a cathedral…
or columns of structures
of historic greatness…
Let us love what nature has provided…,
Let us use these God-given resources
wisely and with great care…
Let us restore and revive forest lands…
which some had mutilated,
swinging wildly and greedily
with chopping axes…
with rapacious chain saws…
wasting, brutalizing, eroding, impoverishing,
depleting, pillaging, rampaging,plundering,
ripping, robbing, and raping the land…
stripping, slashing, trashing, burning,
and cutting it bare…
Let us stand in the presence
of a mighty tree… ​

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