Thousands of Horses shipped from Canada to Japan for Slaughter

Every year, more than 6,000 horses in Canada are packed into transport crates and sent on long, miserable flights to Japan to be slaughtered. Many don’t even make it off the cargo plane alive—one horse was found upside down and dead in a crate.

Canada’s Global News recently exposed that these horses are crammed into wooden shipping crates before they’re stuffed into cargo planes headed for Japan. The horses are packed so tightly that they can’t even stand naturally for the 16- to 18-hour flight, during which they’re not given any food or water.

Once off the cargo plane, the horror continues. PETA went inside Japan’s largest horse slaughterhouse and captured footage of the horrifying final minutes of a horse formerly used for racing. He was doused with water before being moved onto the kill floor, and he panicked, as anyone would. Then, he slipped out of his halter and escaped, only to be caught—and killed—minutes later.

It’s not just Canada that’s doing this to horses. Some of the horses may come from the U.S. In 2012, PETA followed a trailer from a meat buyer in Iowa all the way to a slaughterhouse in Québec. The witnesses saw the 33 horses onboard endure a 36-hour haul in subfreezing temperatures. They weren’t given food, water, or a break the entire time.

Horses aren’t cargo, and they don’t belong in cargo planes or slaughterhouses.


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