It’s time to end the show

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World Animal Protection
Dear Friend

Thank you for pledging to avoid cruel elephant attractions and venues.

Sadly, the demand for wildlife entertainment attractions has been growing globally. We know that people visit wildlife tourism attractions because they love elephants and many are completely unaware of the suffering that occurs behind the scenes.

You can help us stop this happening before it is too late.

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You can help elephants for just $25
Your gift could educate tourists, tour operators, community groups and governments to get exploitative elephant experiences off travel wish lists.

Together we can stop the cruelty and abuse suffered by elephants used for entertainment.

Simone Clarke
Australia and New Zealand

Together we can
End the needless suffering of animals
Influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
Help the world see how important animals are to all of us
Inspire people to change animals‘ lives for the better
Move the world to protect animals.
World Animal Protection
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