Help fix Minsu’s legs

A dog suffering from severe leg deformities after living on a dog meat farm requires life-changing surgery.
Please donate today to help support Minsu and fight the cruel slaughter of dogs for their meat »
Dear Friend,

Last month, we rescued Minsu from a dog meat farm in South Korea. This couldn’t have happened without caring supporters like you. He is now in a loving foster home through Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue, but suffers from leg deformities that make walking extremely difficult, and intensive surgery is required.


The veterinarian who treated him told us that if he had stayed in his wire cage on the farm, he eventually would have broken both legs, and, left untreated as these dogs typically are, he could have languished indefinitely in extraordinary pain. Today, you have the opportunity to make a difference for him and so many other dogs.

Your donation will help Minsu and support our ongoing fight against this cruel industry. Give now »

We believe Minsu may have a genetic deformity made worse by severe malnutrition and living on wire bars his entire life. After the misery that he and the other dogs have endured in the dog meat trade, we’re determined to do whatever it takes to help them in their journeys to recovery.


Please make a gift now to help animals like Minsu and support our campaign to fight this cruelty »

Thank you for caring about animals.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

Photo by Peggy Benoit and Jean Chung for HSI
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