The start of something exciting

Dear Sylvia,

Positive Money supporters are at the heart of our people-powered campaign for a fairer money and banking system. In the last year alone we’ve taken some fantastic action together: through street stalls, huge petitions and public stunts, we’ve reached thousands of people. We also punch well above our weight with nearly 35 active groups around the UK!

But one way we could make our network even stronger is by growing and diversifying it. Our survey this year showed that three quarters of Positive Money supporters are over 45. We certainly don’t want to lose any of these highly valued supporters!… But we know it would make our campaign stronger if we had thousands more young action-takers too.

So together with supporters, we’ve hatched a plan to target young people directly: we’ll raise the money to hire an intern to lead the launch of a Positive Money youth network. The intern’s focus will be to run training days for young people and students, teaching them how to run presentations about the Positive Money campaign, for other young people in their area.

It’s an experiment. But it could be the start of something very exciting: a growing group of connected young people, spreading the word and joining us in the fight, for a fairer, more democratic and sustainable economy. Working to change and shape their future.
But if we’re going to do it, we need enough money to pay the intern a fair wage and for materials to make the project a success. Positive Money’s work wouldn’t be possible without people power. Without lots of us chipping in to build a fairer economy quicker. So Sylvia, please will you chip in now so we can hire an intern to launch our youth network this Autumn?

chip in now button

The last election proved that you can’t overlook the power of young people. They came out in their millions and voted, many for the first time. Because they can see that the economy isn’t working for them – that high-debt, unaffordable homes and intergenerational inequality are giving younger generations a raw deal.

And Positive Money has solutions for so many of these issues. We want a fairer, greener, more democratic and sustainable system, that gives young people a secure start in life and a protected environment for the future. And we have the evidence to show how it’s possible.

If we could train hundreds of young people around the country to give inspiring talks and workshops to thousands more young people, we could double the strength of our campaign and bring about the changes we all want to see, faster.
A dedicated staff member is the best way to make it happen. Initially, we want to hire an intern for 12 weeks and pay them the London Living Wage. Please will you chip in now so we can hire an intern to start in the Autumn?

chip in now button

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Rachel, David and the rest of the Positive Money team

PS: In an email we sent to you a couple of weeks ago, we incorrectly stated that Nicky Morgan MP has recently become the new chair of the Monetary Policy Committee. This is a Bank of England committee, not a parliamentary one. She has in fact been appointed chair of the Treasury Select Committee. Please accept our apologies for this mistake and any confusion caused.


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