Your August whale and dolphin news

Why whales and dolphins deserve protection plus a ticket giveaway

News from the world of whales and dolphins


Why do you care about whales and dolphins? We agree that whales and dolphins are remarkable. But why are they so important? Why do we need to end captivity, stop whaling, prevent their deaths in fishing gear, and protect areas of ocean?

There are lots of reasons to protect whales and dolphins, but two in particular underpin everything we do at WDC:

The first is simple, whales and dolphins have the right to exist without human interference. The second reason is quite mind-blowing – whales are our allies in the fight against climate change. Saving whales will help us save the planet!

You can find out more on our website. It’s worth reflecting on, so next time someone asks you ‚what’s so special about whales and dolphins then ?‘, you’ll have the answer up your sleeve.

Thank you helping us protect them.

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager

Why protect whales and dolphins?
Common dolphins in UK seas

We need your help!

On 6 September, we will hand over our petition to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear in UK seas. We’re hosting an event at Westminster and have invited all MPs. Please email your MP and encourage her or him to come along.
Humpback whale painting

Free ticket giveaway

Win a family ticket to the new exhibition, ‚Whales: Beneath the surface‘, at the Natural History Museum in London. See over 100 amazing specimens, hunt like a whale in a fun echolocation game and discover the evolutionary story of whales and dolphins. Closing date: 17 September 2017

A minke whale

Wow! Slow-mo dolphins

Have a look at this slowed down clip of dolphins hunting salmon in Scotland. You’ll see the dolphin, named Zephyr, isn’t completely happy about the way that the fish is positioned in her throat, so she ejects the fish and tries again. Awesome.

Animal Friends Facebook competition

Help WDC win a Facebook competition for up to £20,000!

WDC needs your help! Follow the link below to Animal Friends Facebook post and ‚react‘ to it with a 😆 emoticon (instead of a thumbs up). Read the post for more details – thanks!

Fourth Element Competition

Win a t-shirt from the WDC & Fourth Element Range! 

Enter our competition to win a fantastic whale t-shirt made by Fourth Element. Simply tell us why you think it’s important to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean.


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