Here’s your last chance to see this for free…

Dear Parents,

What a week it’s been with the premiere of The Truth About Vaccines!

Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in, and new parents around the country now have (for the first time) the full set of information and education they need to make the best decision they can make for their family about vaccinations.

Who knows how many lives will be changed as a results of this series! What about you? Did you see any of it? If you missed an episode (or want to just re-watch your favorite) …I’ve got GREAT NEWS! For this weekend (August 26 and 27), Ty and his team have agreed to put up ALL 7 episodes (once again FREE) for you to binge watch. Grab a notepad. Share with friends and family, get to see your favorite moments again, or see what you’ve missed for the first time.

Now’s your chance to see what the excitement was about (even if you’ve had a busy week that’s kept you from watching). Click here to watch The Truth About Vaccines now >>

To your health,

Jeffry John Aufderheide, Founder of



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