URGENT ACTION: Stop Unjust Deportations #ReleaseMN8

Hi Sylvia,

This is urgent and we need your help.

Chamroeun Phan, one of the MN8, now has the opportunity to be reunited with his family. Phan has been held in immigration detention for a year, despite being issued deportation relief by an immigration judge in May.

The MN8 are dads, husbands, sons, brothers and community leaders and also refugees who escaped the Khmer genocide after experiencing extremely violent and traumatic events and were eventually resettled in the US with little to no support. In some cases they were detained and separated from their families without any notice, despite having already served old convictions.

Ramsey County Attorney General John Choi has the choice to stand with the community and support a motion to reduce Chamroeun Phan’s 365-day prison sentence by one day, which would guarantee him automatic relief from deportation.

Will you join 18MR and the Release MN8 Campaign to urge Ramsey County Attorney General John Choi to stop this unjust deportation?


Choi himself has told Phan’s family he sympathizes with them, saying “I do not believe that deporting Mr. Phan to a country where he has never lived and whose language he does not speak is a fair consequence.” Yet now that the power is in his hands, Choi seems reluctant to take any action.

Chamrouen has already waited a year in detention and we will not allow him to be deported. Can you take a moment to remind John Choi of his principles?


Yesterday over 70 community members banded together at Ramsey County Attorney General John Choi’s office to demand he bring Chamroeun home. Now we need to keep up the pressure so we can end this unjust deportation.

In Solidarity,

Laura, the 18MR Team, and our partners at #ReleaseMN8 campaign

P.S. Don’t forget to share the call tool with your family!


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