Act now: Help stop dog culling in Bangladesh

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Dear Friend,

Bangladesh authorities refuse to abide by their nation’s dog cull ban and continue to kill dogs in a failed attempt to remove the threat of rabies. These dogs – many of them community owned and vaccinated – are caught and mistreated by untrained dog handlers.

Please urge the government of Bangladesh to implement the ban on dog culling and bring an end to this cruel and ineffective approach »

Rabies is 100 percent preventable. And dog culling isn’t the solution. The only effective approach combines mass vaccination and sterilization as shown through the Dog Population Management Program in Dhaka, Bangladesh funded by Humane Society International and operated by Dhaka North City Corporation. Over the past year, this program has sterilized and vaccinated close to 4,000 dogs, allowing them to live safer and healthier lives, while ensuring the health and safety of humans also. This is a better policy for Bangladesh to pursue.

We need your strong voice to call on the government of Bangladesh to end this harmful practice and instead, implement a nation-wide animal birth control and vaccination program.

Please sign your name to be a part of the solution for street dogs in Bangladesh »

Thank you for lending your support to dogs in need.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

Photo by Erin Van Voorhies
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