Chickens violently killed in the street to observe a holiday

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Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday that’s meant to let everyone atone for their sins—so why do people think they can do this by abusing and killing chickens?

Chickens are crammed into tiny cages and taken to Kapparot ritual sites, where people swing them through the air by their wings and slit their throats.

Participants claim that they donate the chickens‘ bodies to feed the poor—which still wouldn’t excuse any of this behavior—but what actually happens is that most of these animals are thrown out like trash.

Atoning for sins by donating money to those in need—as many Jews do instead—makes a lot more sense than torturing, killing, and trashing defenseless animals, don’t you think?

Tell the national rabbinical leadership that violently killing and trashing animals is unforgivable.

For all animals,

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