The eProtector: Here’s how you’re helping animals

World Animal Protection
The eProtector: Spring edition
Together we’re moving the world to protect animals
World Animal Protection
Dear Friend

Thanks to your compassionate support, many animals around the world are living better lives.

Millions of pigs in China and Latin America will have more freedom, bears across Asia will be spared a lifetime of torture in the bear bile industry, and critically endangered porpoises will have your protection from ghost fishing gear, which threatens to entangle and drown them.

Thank you for being side by side with all of them.


© Tim Gerard Barker
On the frontlines to end the bear bile trade
  • You’re helping fight the bear bile industry from every angle
  • Campaign lead Gilbert Sape explains the next steps
  • We’re learning from past wins to make progress in Myanmar, Laos and China

Read about how you’re helping end horrific cruelty to bears

Another chance for orphaned baby sloths
  • Mistreated baby sloths recover at this rehabilitation centre
  • Two-toed sloth La Negrita overcame illness and trauma to thrive
  • Next: Educating people to stop using wildlife for profit from tourism

Find out how the centre cares for its rescued baby sloths


© Yamil Lage AFP Getty Images
Saving animals in Hurricane Irma’s trail of destruction
  • Emergency teams rush to St. Maarten and Antigua and Barbuda
  • Barbuda evacuated, animals left hurt, hungry and confused
  • Working with local networks to treat animals in urgent need

Your support could help save the lives of countless animals


©Paula Olson/NOAA
You’re helping remove vaquitas’ death traps
  • You’re protecting vaquitas from ghost fishing gear
  • 5,700+ square metres of deadly net removed
  • A win in the fight to save vaquitas from death and extinction

Watch video: The team on the ground in the Gulf of California


You’re making progress for pigs
  • Landmark agreement on pigs’ welfare signed in China
  • 22,000+ people push Brazil and Chile to change pigs’ lives
  • Millions of pigs will benefit – stay tuned for updates!

Learn how pigs’ lives will improve

Thank you for your commitment to our shared vision of a world where animals live free from suffering.

Together, we’re moving the world to protect animals.


Simone Clarke
World Animal Protection

PS. If you would like to send a gift today to protect vulnerable animals, visit our website.

Together we can
End the needless suffering of animals
Influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
Help the world see how important animals are to all of us
Inspire people to change animals‘ lives for the better
Move the world to protect animals.
World Animal Protection
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