California Museum Has Newborn Chicks Killed — PETITION

Museums exist to educate and entertain people, but those things should never be done at the expense of other living beings. Yet the California Science Center hatches baby chicks in an attempt to teach students about lifecycles.

What these exercises fail to teach students is that the chicks are killed after they’re used at the museum.

How’s that for a „lifecycle“?

Not only do these babies end up being killed shortly after they’re born for a lesson that could easily have been taught without a live demonstration, such as with modern and humane alternatives—it inadvertently teaches students that animals are tools—which is wrong. These chicks are living, thinking, feeling animals—and they’re not ours to use.

Bottom line: Killing animals in the name of „science“ is NEVER OK.

Tell the California Science Center to stop hatching chicks and to use virtual alternatives that are interesting, educational, and safe!


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