Collectively, we can fight for a Better NAFTA

Judy Gearhart, International Labor Rights Forum

Dear Sylvia,

Please help us raise up workers’ demands and better protections for their rights in the next NAFTA!

Today, as trade negotiators gather in Ottawa we must not lose sight of the fact that, in the highly interdependent global economy in which we live, workers everywhere face the same struggles for decent pay, working conditions, and a voice in the workplace. The Trump administration’s nationalist slogan “America First” loses sight of this. We must counter nationalism with internationalism. But thinking globally doesn’t mean ignoring injustice in our own backyard.

If you agree that NAFTA and the current administration needs to prioritize the needs of all working people, not big corporations, please stand with ILRF’s staff by making a donation today.

During the current re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we cheered when the Canadians came to the table demanding that the U.S. eliminate so-called “right to work” laws that have undermined trade unions in so many states across our country. Even though the Trump Administration called the proposal a “non-starter”, we are grateful to our Canadian brothers and sisters for raising this critical issue.

I know I can count on you to support national and international respect, safety, and dignity. Will you consider making a special $50 donation today?

A revised NAFTA based on workers’ rights principles could improve the living standards of working people throughout North America. But getting to such a trade deal requires that the U.S. place the interests of workers ahead of corporate profits. ILRF is calling for a NAFTA with strong, enforceable labor standards and no corporate giveaways like Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which gives corporations special rights to challenge government laws protecting public health, workplace safety, and the environment.

Now is when we need to leverage the international standards we have advocated for over 30 years, that many of you have helped us raise up and promote.

This fall, we are committed to coming together and using our collective voice. The good news is that, if we join forces, together we can influence the critical debate over NAFTA and other campaigns ahead. But, it all starts with you.

Together, we can change the rules to end economic violence against working people. Your contribution will help us forge a more peaceful and prosperous future for our community.

In gratitude,


Judy Gearhart

Executive Director

P.S. Sylvia, we can’t do it without you! Please give today to help us challenge policies that undermine workers’ rights. A gift of $50, $30, or $15 is critically needed and deeply appreciated!


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