Butterball WOULD Want a Beheaded Animal Emoji đŸ™„


ICYMI: Turkeys killed for Thanksgiving are sometimes beaten, stomped on, and sexually abused before being violently slaughtered.



Workers at Butterball—a massive turkey producer—have been observed slamming turkeys into metal handrails and jumping on their heads and bodies, and one even inserted his finger into a turkey’s vagina. 💔

Now, Butterball is petitioning Unicode—the nonprofit that designs emojis—to create one of a dead turkey to represent Thanksgiving.

PETA went inside a Butterball slaughterhouse in Ozark, Arkansas, and exposed a worker stomping on a bird’s head until her skull exploded, one swinging a turkey against a metal handrail so hard that her backbone popped out, and another one inserting his finger into a turkey’s vagina.

One worker told an investigator, „If you jump on their stomachs right, they’ll pop 
 or their insides will come out of their [rectums].“ 💔

Warning: This video is extremely graphic.

The holiday is for expressing gratitude and spending time with loved ones. Tying it to an emoji that symbolizes violence, cruelty, and oppression is completely twisted.

Live turkey emojis FTW! 🩃

Tell Unicode to ignore Butterball’s ridiculous request for a dead turkey emoji!

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