Trick or treat is coming

Adelso Bausdorf

Hi Guys!
Here it’s already cold and the trees lose the leaves, the birds come to my balcony to search for food, the rain announces the „out-mopping“ of the thick jackets and gloves.
I have decided to conclude the autumn season with a wonderful fantasy; there are two other characters from fairy tales and legends.
The one is called Luise and the other is called Sabine!
The materials I used were the followings:
Wool, plasticine, wires, felt needles and lots of patience.
I have enough witches for this year, now I should start to create my Santas and Angels for Christmas.
By the way, some of my brushes tell me, I should start with new paintings for my exhibition, which I plan for 2018. I have already finished a lot of material, I only have to cope with other ideas, which you can look at online soon.
I already invite…

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