Machito, the little baby sloth was just 6 months old

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World Animal Protection
Dear Friend,

Little Machito was just six months old when he was brought, crying out and disfigured, to the AIUNAU rehabilitation centre in Medellin, Colombia.

He was probably torn from his mother when tiny and was suffering anxiety from this separation.

It’s possible that Machito, like many baby sloths, had been used as a photo prop for tourists. This is a growing and concerning phenomenon in the Amazon.

Friend, right now, many more sloths throughout the Amazon and beyond are being subjected to the same unthinkable abuse in the name of human entertainment.

You can help end the cruelty.

Please help end the needless suffering of sloths, and other vulnerable animals around the world.

Watch the video to find out more.

Thank you.


Neil D’Cruze
Technical Expert for Wildlife
World Animal Protection

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