Neuigkeit zur Petition: Support from Brigitte Bardot Found., Expedia caves

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia

Malaysia, Malaysia

11. Okt. 2017 — Dear supporter,

Thanks to your tweets HotelsdotCom/Expedia have taken down their page promoting Lasah elephant rides. It worked after more than 694 of you tweeted, and that was what made the difference. Just one tweet [by us] wasn’t going to help. Thank you.

Today the Brigitte Bardot Foundation [FBB] wrote to the environment minister of Malaysia asking for Lasah’s freedom. Their letter was signed off by Ms. Bardot herself. Ms. Bardot and FBB now joins other respected groups and individuals such as Animals Asia, Change for Animals and elephant conservationist Carol Buckley in asking for Lasah’s freedom.

From our investigation we also recently also received information that Lasah was taken out of his forest home [we do not know why] when he was a baby. This means he was separated from his mother and herd only to suffer till this day in captivity, this time at the hands of a business called Langkawi Elephant Adventures [LEA]. Langkawi is a holiday island in Malaysia.

We have also been informed that lasah’s chained has been lengthened [he is chained when LEA is closed, i.e., not used for rides, etc] and he is now limited to five elephants rides a day. Though this minor change is better than zero improvements, it still doesn’t alleviate Lasah’s daily suffering and we will continue to ask for his transfer to the elephant sanctuary here.

To those who are living in or near New York City, there will be a protest tomorrow for Lasah. More information at link below [please share it too]:

We are currently in need of more volunteers for this campaign. You need to be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Non-Malaysians welcome. Our email is

It’s all about keeping the campaign going, the protests, letters, emails, etc to urge the government to transfer Lasah. Find out what more you can do:

Please also consider a donation to FOTO Malaysia today to help us with this campaign. You may do so from the same link above.

Thank you for your kind support.

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia




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