Thank you from Puerto Rico

Dear One

After treating over 3,500 animal survivors of two earthquakes in Mexico—and hurricane survivors in the British Virgin Islands—our Animal Rescue Team responders are now in Puerto Rico helping animals in the wake of Hurricane Maria.


We could not have gone there to provide relief without the compassion of those who support our work. 


Despite the devastating losses they have suffered, and their desperate needs, the people of Puerto Rico are still concerned about their beloved companion animals. Our team members have been making their way to affected areas to deliver dog and cat food to homeless animals, our partner shelters and clinics, and to individuals seeking to feed and assist their own or other people’s pets.

We continue to check on small villages that have thus far received little to no aid. Monday, as our staff members and volunteers pulled up to an isolated community, people ran out with their pets to greet them. What had been intended to be a quick stop became the site of a makeshift clinic as our veterinarians began treating skin conditions, abrasions and other injuries.


Click here to see HSI helping the animals of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

We will continue working with our partner shelters and clinics on the island to ensure they remain operational and transition toward a long period of recovery. Because of your support, we could facilitate the evacuation of pets from the British Virgin Islands and secure animals from a shelter destroyed by storms there. It’s so inspiring that even in times of great hardship, the human-animal bond remains stronger than ever.

Thank you so much for caring about animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

P.S. Even now, our team is preparing to deploy again—this time, to Costa Rica, after Hurricane Nate. Please donate to our Animal Rescue Fund so we can continue to protect and save animals around the world.

Photos by Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo/AP Images for HSI
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