The Heartwarming Story of Sunder the Elephant

Sunder used to be imprisoned and abused. Not anymore.

In 2007, when he was just a child, Sunder was given as a gift to a temple in Kolhapur, India.

Sunder the Elephant Kept Captive

There, he was kept chained in solitary confinement and routinely abused.

Sunder's Cruel Chains

When PETA India learned about his plight, Sunder had an injured eye, a hole in his ear, and scars all over his body from the abuse he had endured at the temple.

PETA India began to campaign for Sunder’s release.

PETA India Protest to Free Sunder

Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson immediately joined the call to help Sunder.

Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson Letters on Behalf of Sunder

In 2012, after years of abuse, Sunder desperately tried to escape.

The Pillar Sunder Pulled Down Trying to Escape

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