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Dear Sylvia,

Revealed today: 85% of MPs don’t know where money comes from. This is pretty worrying considering money is central to every aspect of our lives. Every big political issue – from inequality, to the housing crisis, to the fight against climate change – is closely connected to the money system.

Our economy is not in a good place. People’s wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living. Most of us haven’t had a pay rise in over a decade. [1] To understand what’s gone wrong, MPs need to grasp the basics of how our economy works, now more than ever.

If together, we expose this news, by each sharing it with our friends and family today, we can build pressure on our MPs to buck up and do their homework – before they fail to stop a financial crash.Please watch and share this 1 minute video now.

If you don’t use Facebook, please forward this email to your friends, family, and colleagues.

The results of our poll of MPs is in business newspaper City AM today.

It shows only 15% of MPs polled know the truth, that most of the money in our economy is created when banks make loans. [2]

The poll was possible thanks to Positive Money supporters. [3] Back in July, hundreds of us chipped in to commission parliamentary monitoring company Dods to run the poll over the summer. Positive Money is a people-powered movement. Together we shine a light on our dysfunctional money and banking system, and the lack of understanding around it. We’re working towards a fairer and more effective system – which benefits the environment, our democracy and every community in the UK.  When we act together we use our collective people power to make an impact – whether it’s chipping in a few pounds or sharing videos and reports with our friends. Please will you help expose the results of this poll by sharing the video now?

If you don’t use Facebook, please forward this email to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thanks for all you do,

Rachel, David, Fran and the rest of the Positive Money team
PS: In 2014 Positive Money commissioned a similar poll of MPs. The difference between the 2017 and 2014 results shows our work has had some impact in that time, but that we’ve still got lots to do to educate our MPs on how the money and banking system works. [4]

[2] City AM article:
[3] 2017 MP Poll results:
[4] 2014 MP Poll results:


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