Regenerate the Waters to Heal and Youth Teleseminar


Regenerate the Waters to Heal and Youth Teleseminar
Sunday November 19, 2017
3:00 – 4:30 PM
Seminar Access and Download Link for those who
purchase the MP3 will be sent LATE
Saturday night November 18th, 2017.
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Hello Soul Family!

Please join my Mom and me with our other dimensional Master, Teachers and Guides this Sunday November 19th, 2017 from 3 to 4:30 PM MST for the Regenerate the Waters to Heal and Youth Teleseminar.
The Capstone of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is an Energy Transmitter. One of the main purposes of the Great Pyramid meaning house of the soul, house of physical projection or house of energy was to generate, transform, and transmit energy.

The three pyramids: Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure are each aligned physically and metaphysically with the Planets Venus, Earth and Mars. The pyramids and the planets are joined together by their distance to the Sun and by their Volume as well as Biblical meanings. Venus the Planet of the Great Pyramid is linked to Love and the Prophets who spread messages of love no matter the religion. Earth relates to the Pyramid of Khafre in charge of the Measure of All Things. Mars linked to Menkaure represents Bloodshed through Fighting or War.

MASTER NUMBERS: 11 shows the connection between all that was, is or will be, as brothers and sisters reflecting the transformation of the physical into the Divine. 

Gifts: Protection, Right Use of Will and Harmony

99 sees the True Path through the simultaneous enfoldment of the Past, Present and Future. 

Gifts: Joy and Rest

ASTROLOGY: Still in Scorpio, the Planet of Death but also Resurrection. Because of Jupiter in Scorpio the Planet of Expanding Good, all that was dead will be reawakened, through Optimism, Ambition and Meaning to Life! Enjoy!

PLATONIC SOLIDS: The Icosahedron is an energy grid of the water crystal and a matrix for transmutation of both etheric and physical properties through the fluid flow of nature. The icosa is one of the major grid formations of the earth’s energy-wave crystals.

VEHICLE: Icosahedron

ANGELS OR ARCHANGELS: The Holy Spirit is the Love of Creator/Source for Humanity. Love is the great Harmonizer and Healer. The role of the Holy Spirit is regeneration through water.

COLORS: Gold is the color of the third Chakra Power and Control over Self plus Ancient Wisdom. Red is the color of the base Chakra showing Life Force and Enthusiasm.

In this teleseminar we will connect to the Great Pyramid and its message of Love. Mentally harnessing this Energy by intentionally using our Minds with laser focus, we can send it into all of the bodies of water on the Planet transmuting their Energy. 

Simultaneously, the Magnetic Field of Gaia is changing at the same rate as the Energy in these bodies of water. By our intentionally charging these waters with this new revitalizing Energy and of course, by our consumption of them, the human body’s water system called lymph will be replaced with a new lymphatic system in seven years. The result? More health and youthing is on the way.

TOOL: MP3 „Transmitting Love from the Great Pyramid“
During this MP3 you will transmit love from the Great Pyramid and telepathically send it to the waters of Planet Earth. This will change the vibrational rate of the water and ultimately of our bodies as we drink it.

Click here to register for the teleseminar and purchase the MP3.

After registering the phone number and the code to attend will be sent to you late Saturday November 18th.  If you do not make payment before Saturday November 18th at midnight you will not be able to be on the call.   
Can’t be on the call?  Register and you will receive the recording 2-3 days after the teleseminar.  Remember since Grandma is a Multi-dimensional Being you will have the same experience from the recording as the live call.  Hope to see all of you there.  
 &… if this resonates with you
please invite your friends and family.

   THANK YOU! From my Heart to Yours!
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.

Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat                                         Please friend me on Facebook
*ATTENTION: The USA is now on Standard Time. Arizona is ONE HOUR AHEAD OF California Pacific Time, THREE HOURS AHEAD of Hawaii, ONE HOUR BEHIND Central Time and TWO HOURS BEHIND Eastern Time.  

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