I’m a kickass turkey on a mission.

Hey, y’all—remember me? Allow me to refresh your memory: I’m a kickass turkey on a mission.

Not to fluff my own feathers, but turkeys are amazing. You can’t see our ears—but we can hear you coming from a mile away. And you might not see us sneaking past you, either, because you have only a 180-degree field of vision—ours is 270 degrees. Our color vision is also better than that of humans, and we can even see ultraviolet light. (Y’all need to use gadgets to see that.) In fact, our vision is three times better than 20/20! We can see almost everything … but we just wish people could see us—and I don’t mean look at us but actually see us for the intelligent, curious, sensitive, brave individuals we are.

You can probably tell that I get emotional around Thanksgiving (our heads and throats change color based on our feelings). But I’m happy that we’ve got you on our side, Sylvia—reminding everyone that we’re living beings—not centerpieces for your dining room table. If anyone asks you if you’re „still“ vegan this holiday, ask them if they’re „still“ eating dead birds. How’s that for a roast? LOL.

The Best Vegan ‚Turkeys‘ and Roasts

Man, I would be sad if I had to eat dead animals for dinner—especially on a holiday—like, damn, it’s Thanksgiving, and all I have to eat is a dead turkey? Depressinggg. These vegan roasts are key to a happy holiday!

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What Happens to Turkeys Used for Food Will Break Your Heart

I’m just waiting for the day when everyone takes a step back from their plates full of dead turkey and is like, „Ew.“ I know it’s only a matter of time.

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 crippled turkey

It’s standard industry practice to beat sick and injured birds to death.


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