Happy birthday to us!

Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Julia Thoms

WDC has turned 30 – thank you for your support and here’s to the next 30 years!

News from the world of whales and dolphins


We’re in a festive mood at WDC as we have just turned 30! Join us in celebrating this big birthday over the next 12 months. We wouldn’t be here to strive for a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free without the generosity of individuals like you and we are so grateful. We rely on our supporters to fund the vital work we do.

I know you care about whales and dolphins so will you help us work to protect them for another 30 years by making a donation? Even a gift of as little as £3 or £5 will make a difference. For example, if all our e-news subscribers gave just £5 it could pay for the transportation of Little White and Little Grey, the two captive beluga whales, from their tank in Shanghai to their new ocean sanctuary home.

Little White the beluga whale

When you’ve had a milestone birthday, I imagine it’s given you cause to reflect and to think a little about the future. We’re no different. I asked Chris Butler-Stroud, our CEO, what WDC turning 30 means to him – have a read of what he said, it’s inspiring stuff and I hope it makes you feel proud to be part of WDC.

Thank you again for your commitment to whales and dolphins.

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager

An orca spyhopping

Blue Planet II

If you’re in the UK and are anything like me, I bet you’ve been transfixed by Blue Planet II. We’ve seen so much already and we’ve still got three episodes left! The series is raising awareness, not only for whales and dolphins, but also about the danger of plastic in the ocean.

A porpoise in a net

EU lets dolphins down

On Tuesday the European Parliament Fisheries Committee rejected its chance to save lives. Thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die needlessly in fishing gear in EU waters every year. An EU vote this week could have improved the situation, but the opportunity was wasted.

A leaping dolphin

Help stop illegal killing

Did you know that tens of thousands of dolphins and small whales are still killed for meat in illegal hunts in West Africa, Latin America, the South Pacific and Asia? Some are destined for dinner plates but others are used as shark bait for an ever-increasing market in China for shark fin.

Plastic litter

Plastic is not whale food

Up to 400kg of plastic enters the ocean every second and it’s a danger to whales and dolphins. 80% of it comes from land. Want to do your bit to clean up the sea? We’ve got five simple things you can do to cut down on plastic.

A leaping dolphin

WDC team in action

Many whales and dolphins travel great distances across national borders, so countries have to work together to keep them safe. My colleagues have been at a United Nations convention working hard to make sure whales and dolphins are protected from harm, wherever they are.

WDC Christmas Raffle 2017

Have you played yet?

Play the WDC Christmas raffle with as little as £1 and you could win one of seven cash prizes worth £2,000.

WDC Christmas Hamper 2017

Win a hamper!

We’re giving away whale and dolphin Christmas hampers full of donated goodies. Hurry – closes today!

WDC - eBay Donations

Free eBay donation?

Shop on eBay for your Black Friday bargains and help whales and dolphins at the same time!


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