If Aliens Came to Earth, You’d Probably Hope They Wouldn’t Eat You


Written by PETA | November 22, 2017

A version of this post originally appeared on peta2.com.

What if the tables were turned? What if a species existed that had normalized the consumption of human beings? Filled with a bit of humor and realism, PETA’s newest video hits home with the point that no one deserves to suffer for a meal, entertainment, or any other purpose.

GaBlörkuLax the Empath, the founder of ZETH (Zarnaps for the Ethical Treatment of Humans), hands out literature at the fried-human joints around his alien town, appears on news stations, and even shows live footage of the abuse that humans endure in the human-meat industry.

“When future Zarnap generations look back on us, do we want them to see us as heartless or do we want them to see us as having the three hearts that we know each Zarnap has?”

OK, we know that humans aren’t being slaughtered for food by the billions and that aliens don’t have fast-food chains dedicated to frying human body parts—but this alternate reality sheds light on the very real hell that billions of animals who are exploited, abused, and killed every year for food endure. The Earthlings we share our planet with deserve respect, compassion, and to be left off our plates, regardless of species.


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