Kimpton Hotels delivers live animals to guests

Goldfish can live for up to 40 years, remember things from five months ago, recognize faces, learn to do tricks, pay attention longer than humans can, make sounds, hear, and even get bored.

So how do you think they feel while trapped in a tiny, barren bowl 24/7?

Who would do such a thing to a sensitive animal, you ask? Kimpton Hotels. Its „Guppy Love“ program lets guests request to have goldfish in tiny bowls delivered to their rooms.

These defenseless animals endure the disgusting conditions of the commercial fish trade, and because of Kimpton Hotels, they end up being carted from room to room, where people tap on the glass of their enclosures or possibly move them directly into the sun or near the AC.

Studies show that fish can become severely depressed under such circumstances. 💔

Tell Kimpton Hotels to end the cruel „Guppy Love“ program immediately.

Take Action for Goldfish

Leave polite comments on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, then submit your posts for 1,000 points!

For all animals,

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