Sign the new petition to Japanese Prime Minister Abe to Stop the Taiji Slaughter.

Japan: Stop the Slaughter & Captivity of Dolphins

Target: Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen & Prime Minister Abe

In 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the summer Olympics, which are all about cooperation and celebration.  The slaughter of whales and dolphins practiced by Japan are anything but.  Does Japan really need such black marks on their national reputation?

When you sign this petition, you are pledging NOT to ever buy a ticket to a captive dolphin show; you are telling the Mayor of Taiji and Japanese Prime Minister Abe that the slaughters and trade in live dolphins is unacceptable. You are demanding the release of the albino dolphin Angel, and refuting the idea that the Taiji dolphin hunts are traditional, as this has been proven false.

The Save Japan Dolphins campaign will be presenting these petitions to representatives to the Japanese government at future events. Help us spread the word, sign and share.

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To: Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen & Prime Minister Abe
From: [Your Name]

Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympics. Will they still be slaughtering dolphins and whales by then?

Now that WAZA and JAZA agree that the code of ethics prohibits capture of live dolphins for captivity during the cruel Taiji hunts, we call on the Taiji Mayor and the Japanese Prime Minister to permanently halt both the slaughter and trade in live dolphins, release the dolphin Angel into a seapen, and stop insisting that the hunts are a cultural tradition, as this has been proven false.

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